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a financial and management service company established in 1992, has a twenty one year experience in helping international business’ (mainly European Union, USA, Middle East and Asian Countries) to develop in Slovakia, eliminating all the waste of time and money that very often occurs when an international business is trying to develop in a country of which it knows very little. Our “know how” on how to reduce the red tape to a minimum is unique.

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Do you need:

  • A company registered in Slovakia or in any other jurisdiction (Zero Tax Company, Off-shore Company, Low Tax Company) with website with your own domain and up to five email addresses, online controlled bank account and debit card , with online remote management powered by DEC SUPERMANAGER, at very competitive prices?

  • A base (agency, representative office, headquarters, office, company, etc.) from where to operate within the European Union with the usual problems reduced to a minimum?

  • A place in the European Union from where to produce goods at highly competitive prices?

  • A place in the European Union from where to buy goods at competitive prices?

  • A place in the European Union from where to commission goods at a competitive price?

  • A place in the European Union where the Income Tax/ Corporate Tax is 19% (and divedends are taxed only at source as a income) and the Value Added Tax is only 20%, without any unexpected surprises?

  • Where the cost of salaries are a fraction of Western Europe countries salaries?

  • Where the cost of living is a fraction of the cost of living of the Western Europe countries?

  • Where the costs of properties are still reasonably low?

  • Where the vast majority of people speaks at least one foreign language?

  • Where to establish a company does not cost you a fortune?

  • Where the up front required capital is minimal?

  • Where the roads are already good to excellent?

  • From where a day visit to Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Krakow, Bratislava, Kosice by car is possible?

  • From where you can fly everywhere at low cost?

  • From where you can travel by train comfortably at low fares?

If you have answered YES to at least one of the questions above, we have the solution for you.


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