Zero Tax Company, Off-shore Company, Low Tax Company, Hermes and Janus  s.r.o
  Zero Tax Company, Off-shore Company, Low Tax Company, Hermes and Janus  s.r.o  
For further information please contact:

Ing. Eleonora Jakubovicová
Wilsonovo nabrezie 106,
Nitra, 94901,

Tel. ++421 377 418 992
Fax ++421 377 414 435

Representative in Western Europe:

Romolo Cichero
Cedar Court, Castle Hill,
Farnham Surrey, GU9 7JF,

Tel. ++44 1252 712657
Fax ++44 1252 712657



a financial and management service company established in 1992, has a twenty two years experience in helping international business’ (mainly European Union, USA, Middle East and Asian Countries) to develop in Slovakia, eliminating all the waste of time and money that very often occurs when an international business is trying to develop in a country of which it knows very little. Our “know how” on how to reduce the red tape to a minimum is unique.

During all these years we have developed a special know how in the bureaucracy’s way of life, “financial climate”, industrial environment and commercial local habits in Slovakia and the neighboring countries.

In particular we have expertise in the area’s quality of business in many fields, but specifically skill, capabilities, (bad) habits, way of working, productivity in many industries especially construction, fashion, small industrial production, food industry, printing industry, jewelery industry, ironmongery works, metal works, waste disposal and many other specific industrial fields.

In many other fields our professional contacts and collaborators can supply not only a full specific know how but also the technical and historical background of some market situations.

In fact, Slovakia and the neighbouring countries situation is evolving day by day: it is our mission to continue to remain updated and in touch with the pulse of the economic, financial, industrial situation of Slovakia and neighboring countries.


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