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a financial and management service company established in 1992, has a twenty one year experience in helping international business’ (mainly European Union, USA, Middle East and Asian Countries) to develop in Slovakia, eliminating all the waste of time and money that very often occurs when an international business is trying to develop in a country of which it knows very little. Our “know how” on how to reduce the red tape to a minimum is unique


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In fact we can help:

» To develop a base (agency, representative office, headquarters, office, etc.) to operate in Slovakia and from there into the European Union.

» To establish an operation from where to produce goods at highly competitive prices.

» To develop a business to buy or sell goods at competitive prices.

» To organize a system to commission goods to the local industries at competitive prices.

More specifically we can help:

» To establish companies

» To search and find the right location, offices and facilities.

» To organize the relevant services and financial services for the new companies and premises.

» To find the right contacts to sell, to buy, to rent, to lease.

»To organize a system to commission, to produce, to deliver according to the orders.


HERMES & JANUS s.r.o, can put at the disposal of the Investor its own facilities, fully organized to constitute an initial base from where to conduct business in Slovakia, fully contained and capable of hosting working groups of up to 6 people, with full use of the most advanced IT technologies (computers, broadband internet, video and audio conferencing, web and data bank facilities, etc).

The in-house conferencing and meeting capabilities are for up to 30 people. Its high flexibility allows rapid assessment of the requirements of the Investor and quick solutions.

Based in Nitra, a strategic position (the city is 90 km from Bratislava, 135 km from Vienna, 150 km from Budapest and every location in Slovakia can be visited in a day’s trip), HERMES & JANUS s.r.o has its own means of transportation for up to groups of 6 people and equipment up to 400 kg/unit from/to the airports of those cities and to/from other destinations in the area.

HERMES & JANUS s.r.o has a long experience in studying and preparing the feasibility of projects, in conducting conclusive field-research for every proposal, in selecting the most appropriate answers to the requests of the Investor and to implement them.

Furthermore, HERMES & JANUS s.r.o has the capability to negotiate the most advantageous conditions for the Investor, knowing perfectly the conditions of the Slovak market. The support of lawyers, economists, accountants, tax advisers, specialized consultants are always available to have the comfort and help of professional advice.

HERMES & JANUS s.r.o can also organize accommodation, visits and participations for the visiting Investor, knowing deeply the characteristics of hotels, restaurants, spas, conference centres, professional shows and exhibitions in Slovakia.

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