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That country is SLOVAKIA

SLOVAKIA,an independent country born in 1993 but with a European civilization centuries old, now a member of the European Union and of the Euro area, offers unique possibilities in Europe from where to develop a sound and profitable business.

A country of about 5.5 million people, highly skilled and educated, larger than Switzerland, SLOVAKIA is a democratic country that has recently improved its capability to receive and satisfy international business and investments with very rewarding results!

The Slovak National Bank

The VUB Headquarters

Not only Volkswagen, US Steel, Kraft, General Electric, Shell, Vodaphone, Nestle, McDonald, Coca Cola, Tesco, Metro, Ericson, Samsung, ENEL, Foxcon (and many other famous brands) are present in the country for few years now, but the new atmosphere is very pro-business, and not only has it already produced the first big results (the new plants of PSA Peugeot and Kia Motors) but also a good quantity of medium and small projects are alrady in fruition or on the way to fruition.

The cost of industrial and private properties is still reasonable, and far cheaper than in the nearby countries. The cost of new construction is also still very reasonable in comparison to its neighbors.

The cost of living is in proportion; consequently SLOVAKIA gives really good value for your money!

The Aupark shopping center in Bratislava
Europa shopping center and Europa Business Center in B.Bystrica

The quality of life has improved dramatically in the last few years: not only can you find beautiful natural areas but also they are equipped with good hotels and restaurants at very reasonable prices. SLOVAKIA has not yet joined the race to rip off the visitor, so common in Vienna, Prague and Budapest.

Its geographic position allows for a highly developed transport industry the delivery of goods the following day to and from the nearby countries (Austria, Switzerland, North Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine).

From the financial point of view, the banking system is very developed and are present in SLOVAKIA American (Citibank), German (Commerzbank), Austrian (Raiffeissen, Volksbank), Italian (Gruppo Unicredito, Gruppo Intesa), French (Dexia, Calyon), Dutch (ING), Hungarian (OTP) and Czech (CSOB, Komercni) banks.

The local currency is now the Euro (EUR). The growth of the GDP has been in recent years more than 5% yearly and the recent crisis has produced only limited decrease of the GDP.

The new low taxation (income tax is 19% and value added tax is 20% are between the lowest in the European Union and among all the OECD countries), low salaries (average gross monthly salary is 680 EUR equal to 1000 USD or 630 GBP, average hourly cost 3.50 EUR) have permitted a quick expansion of many operations; a young highly educated manpower (87% has an higher or secondary education) with an optimistic view of the future gives to every operation a good chance of success.

Novy Most bridge in Bratislava
Apollo Bridge in Bratislava

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